Therapy Services

Teletherapy is a new way of using interactive technology between people who are not in the same physical location to engage in psychotherapy. Benefits include allowing for greater availability, flexibility and convenience in your care.

I use a videoconferencing platform, with my virtual waiting room This HIPAA compliant software is encrypted for your protection and keeps our meetings private, secure and confidential. It is easy to use, there is no software to download and no charge to use the website.

“Mel has an in depth understanding of the dynamics that get people stuck in a rut, and he stimulates them to get moving again.”

Individual psychotherapy

Individual therapyIndividual counseling is useful when a person experiences emotional stress, difficult situations or transitions that are painful or confusing. While one may often turn to family or friends for support, there are times when the assistance of an objective professional will help resolve the problem.  Dr. Mel Nagler values therapy as a life-changing experience weaving events from the past into the present set of problems.  Beyond technique and theory, therapeutic vale lies in the establishment of a relationship between client and therapist that is based on trust, respect and compassion.  This allows for a shared curiosity about the nature of the problem, what solutions have been tried and a shared vision of growth and mastery.

 Couples therapy / marriage counseling

Couples therapyAll relationships cycle as people travel through different life stages. Couples counseling can provide a neutral space for partners to work through their thoughts and feelings with each other as the relationship goes through periods of hope, disillusionment and repair. Dr. Mel Nagler’s approach as a couples therapist / marriage counselor highlights the importance of focusing on the relationship itself. Each individual’s personal history is explored as it affects the early development of the relationship. Couples can expect to become better listeners and communicators and find ways to support one another while building awareness of the patterns in the relationship that are strengths as well as those that are obstacles.


EMDREye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a technique developed to help trauma victims with disturbing and intrusive memories. The technique has been used effectively to help people with persistent and seemingly intractable issues. EMDR involves active visualization with the therapist assisting the client in creating changing imagery through the use of rapid eye movements which duplicate REM state sleep patterns. This method arouses alternative brain stimulation and leads to a reduction in the intensity of the previously disturbing memories.


ConsultationWith seasoned expertise in a myriad of areas, Dr. Mel Nagler has often been asked to provide consultation and education to community organizations, medical, legal, mental health and other professionals. Some of these consultations have included topics such as child development and parenting, conflict resolution, goal setting, balancing work and personal life, and relaxation training.