What services do you provide?
Individual therapy
Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling
Executive Coaching
Consultation to community organizations and professionals

How do I choose a therapist?
Finding a therapist or couples counselor that will be a good match for you can take some work.  It is always advisable to research a therapist’s training, experience and areas of expertise.  Recommendations from a friend, doctor or other professional can be helpful.  Beyond that, the first meeting or two should be used to judge your own comfort level with the new therapist. How it feels to be with that therapist is often a good indication of how the therapy will progress.

How long does therapy take?
Therapy can be helpful almost immediately. Some problems can be resolved in a few sessions if the client feels understood and there is a sense of collaboration.  Brief Treatment (up to 12 sessions) is useful in adjusting to a recent loss or gain, such as marriage, birth, new job, death or divorce. For problems that have been chronic or recurrent, or if the client wants a more substantive life change, personal growth, increased self-awareness, enhanced performance and personal well-being then a longer time commitment is likely.

Will insurance cover therapy?
Most insurance companies cover mental health services.  Some policies require the therapist to be “in network,” limit the amount and type of coverage to what they define as “medically necessary” and all require an official diagnosis. Although I am not in network; PPO, POS and Indemnity policies will pay subject to deductible and copay limits. Therapy outside of the insurance system (self-pay) can be an important step for those who wish privacy and to maintain control over their treatment goals and information.

How do I make an appointment?
An initial appointment can be made by calling the office at 978-462-3033 to determine how to best meet your particular needs. We do our best to schedule an initial appointment within a week.

What are your fees?
Per session – $175

Master Card, Visa, American Express and HSA accepted