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Dr. Mel Nagler has been helping clients break through road blocks in their lives for over 25 years. As an Executive Coach, he acts as a catalyst to career success.

Mel received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and was appointed to a Fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He trained in Executive Coaching at the Institute of Life Coaching.

Mel has coached individuals ranging from the self employed to executives at a national engineering firm. He has taught at the college level, led workshops and has been a speaker on numerous topics. As a member of the Prudential Insurance medical quality improvement committee, he assisted in the development of outcome management strategies.

Mel founded and has been a director of two behavioral health businesses. Prior to that he had a private psychotherapy practice, and has also trained therapists to teach conflict resolution and stress reduction.

“Insightful! Mel changed my life!” ~ Bob Thompson, President, CFO Connection

Dr. Mel Nagler provides senior level expertise in working with clients to discover and remove the road blocks that keep career success and fulfillment out of reach.

Mel acts as a catalyst for business clients who are ready for the next level but are blocked by difficulties in leadership skills, communication, conflict management, assertiveness, decision making, organization or balancing work and personal life. Personal issues can spill into the workplace so coaching can also address quality of life concerns such as family, health, values or spirituality.

Dr. Nagler works with business clients of all types: small business owners, professionals, middle and upper management and executives in transition, allowing them to create their own vision and develop a clear plan to get there. With a focus on positive change, growth and action, he guides them in finding a sustainable way to break through their limitations, increase their effectiveness and consistently perform at their personal best.